About the documentation

README.md at the project root serves as the:

  • project home page

  • PYPI long description

  • user manual

Design considerations:

  • Most text is in the README.

  • Python Package Index long description taken from the README.

  • README is at the GitHub repository root.

  • Examples in the README are fully syntax highlighted.

  • Building a static copy of the documentation for offline use.

  • No visible raw ReStructured text in the README rendered by GitHub.


  • GitHub pages hosts the project website.

  • GitHub hosts the repository and renders README.md.

  • readthedocs.org hosts the HTML and creates the PDF for offline use.

  • Nearly everything is in README.md. These aren’t:

    • index.rst - Top level of the Sphinx documentation.

    • about.md - About the documentation (this page).

    • api.rst - Development tools API generated by Sphinx autodoc and napoleon.

    • recent_changes.md



  • GitHub Pages

  • Sphinx

  • myst_parser

myst_parser enables Sphinx to parse Markdown files.


These files are at the project root:

  • _config.yml

  • .readthedocs.yml

  • index.rst

  • README.md

  • conf.py

GitHub page build consumes _config.yml.

Since conf.py is at the project root Sphinx searches the entire project for document source files. Additional exclude_patterns keep out unwanted document source files.

The files below in the doc folder are not part of the documentation:

  • make_wrapped_examples.py

  • livelog.py

  • livelog_test_assertion.py

  • livelog_bad_session.py

Read the Docs hosting

readthedocs.org hosts the Sphinx documentation. doc/requirements.txt lists the build dependencies.